Cycle2 – The Popular jQuery Slideshow Plugin Got Better

Cycle, a pretty old yet very popular jQuery slideshow plugin now has a new, improved version: Cycle2.

The plugin is perfect for anyone looking to create a completely customized slideshow as it does not declare any markup or style. And, its functionality is flexible too.

Cycle2 supports responsive layouts, has options for everything (global and per slide) and can be extended easily using a full-featured API.


For browsing, there are built-in pagers and prev/next controls. And, for a flawless experience, it supports (progressive) image loading and delayed initialization.

Transitions offered are fade, scroll, shuffle, tile and carousel. Each slide comes with its own URL (bookmarking support) and it is mobile friendly (swiping).

There are lots of demos and a detailed documentation for easily learning the details of the plugin.