Depositphotos – The Stock Photo Service With Millions Of Items

A high-quality photo has the power of converting any design into something beautiful. And, that’s usually where the stock photo providers come in.

Depositphotos, one of the biggest stock photo providers, has a huge database of photos and vector images from thousands of contributors.

I remember their launch ~3 years ago, had used them those dates and now see that they grew to 12+ million images.


Well, such many images can look hard to browse but they have a good categorization and search system for narrowing the results.

It is possible to include/exclude keywords, choose orientation and filter by color (which I think is the greatest option).

Lately, they announced the acceptance of videos from their contributors as well, so, stock videos under the same service doesn’t seem so far.

Depositphotos Sample Image


Once, stock images were costing hundreds of dollars it was hard to use them for every project. But, the pricing of Depositphotos is very reachable.

Images have different prices for their sizes but, as a short info, web-ready images would cost ~$2-4/each dollars and print-ready ones will be ~$8-10/each which is so reasonable for the result they help us to create (the even become cheaper with the subscription plans).

Depositphotos Sample Image

Become a contributor

For any photographer, becoming a Depositphotos contributor is a great way of presenting and sharing the work you created.

They have a pretty straightforward revenue-sharing model, have a modern uploader and you can always view the stats of your inventory.

Also, if you are shooting videos, this may be a good time to submit them in order to catch their launch of the videos section.

Depositphotos Sample Image


You should definitely check Depositphotos, browse through their repository and see how easy + good-priced the service is.