Design Cocktail 6 – A Huge Bundle Of Design Resources (5 Bundles Giveaway)

Design Cocktail, a regularly updated kit of creative design resources (which was featured previously at WRD) is giving away 5 bundles to WebResourcesDepot readers.

The 6th version of the bundle includes $946 worth of items and can be purchased for only $39.

What is in the bundle?

Design Cocktail 6

Design Cocktail 6 has design resources from vector elements to Photoshop brushes, websites templates and much more. Here is the full list:

  • Giga vector pack 1
  • Vector summer mega pack
  • 20 Photoshop brushes
  • Simplio business HTML template
  • Famous cities mega pack
  • Vectorious 3 months subscription
  • Wp optimizer plugin
  • Design TNT  1 month subscription
  • 20 t-shirt designs
  • Web sliders PSD kit
  • WP logger plugin
  • Doctor vector set
  • Photoshop reflection action
  • Ratings PSD kit

The kit is licensed as "royalty free extended", meaning that you can use the assets to build sites for your clients without your clients having to purchase their own subscription.

How to win one of the bundles?

There are 5 bundles being given away. Just comment to this post and the winners will be selected randomly with the query below on 6 September 2011 (1 week later).

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Good luck!

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