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COPASO – Web-Based Color Palette Tool

COLOURlovers, an impressive website/community focused on colors, is sharing a handy tool named COPASO. The tool is a web-based color palette generator for creating palettes and saving them for future use. COPASO allows you to pick the colors from a color wheel or upload an image, optionally pixelate it, and grab ...


Powerful Color Tool For Firefox: ColorZilla

ColorZilla is an impressive Firefox plugin that assists web developers and graphic designers with color related tasks. A built-in eyedopper can get the color of any pixel and a color-picker helps playing with colors instantly. Picked colors can be added to the plugin's palette viewer/editor. Also, generated or ...


Manipulate Colors With jQuery: xcolor

xcolor is a jQuery plugin which allows you to perform many different manipulations on colors. First of all, it can parse and convert colors between different formats with methods like getRGB(), getHSV() or getHEX(). Another powerful feature is extracting or combining colors (like red + blue would result in purple). ...


Find Color Variations Easily: Coloreminder

Coloreminder is a free web tool that aims to help web designers find the variations of any given color quickly. It displays a list of colors where you can choose from or you can simply use the color-picker to select (paste) a color. Once selected and submitted, the website displays you the variations and other color ...


Find Variations Of Any Color With 0to255

A web designer usually starts with a color and needs the variations of that color for hover, borders, gradients, etc. while designing/styling an element. In order to be stable for the overall of the design, while choosing color variants, picking them from the same levels is a much better way compared to just guessing ...


Color Schemes From Photos: ColorSuckr

ColorSuckr is a free online service which can extract colors from an image & generate color schemes. It can be used in 3 ways: by mentioning the URL of the image via a bookmarklet or a Firefox add-on Once the color schemes are ready, they can be downloaded as Adobe Swatch (.ASE) files ...


Get Color Palettes Of Images Easily: Pictaculous

Pictaculous is a free web-based service which generates the color palette of an image you upload. And, it provides color palette suggestions from Adobe Kuler & Colourlovers which can be used with the image. Once the color palette is created, it can be downloaded as an Adobe Swatch file. Pictaculous also ...