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Work With Colors In 3D: ColoRotate

ColoRotate is a free web-based service that helps to work with colors in 3D, in real time & offers an unique experience. Using the application, you can quickly see the multidimensional nature of colors and the relationships between colors. With ColoRotate, you can create color palettes & save them. Its ...


Get Color Palette By Uploading An Image

Color Pallete Generator is a free web-based application that is creates the color palette of an uploaded image. It supports .PNG, .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG images & creates 4 levels of palettes: light, medium, dark, complete. The generator also prepares the related files for CSS & Photoshop swatches of the color ...


Create Color Schemes Online

Color Scheme Designer is a web-based application that provides a high quality experience for creating color schemes online. The color wheel lets users to define a scheme based on a single color or more by adding more controls to it. With 15+ presets, ability to control the saturation/brightness & contrast ...


Cymbolism: User-Voted “Words In Colors”

Cymbolism is a website which aims to quantify the association between colors and words with the help of the visitors. It simply shows a word & asks the visitor to click a color, the visitor thinks the color defines. There are currently 200 words & visitors voted more than 280,000 times for them. Words can ...


kuler: Discover And Share Colors

kuler is a color community website created by Adobe. There are 1000's of color sets created by users which you can inspire & use. With an easy to use interface, kuler users can create their own color sets & share them with the community. Plus, most popular, newest and highest rated color sets have RSS ...


Find, Share, Discuss – Colors, Palettes & Patterns is a website where you can find lots of user created colors, palettes & patterns. Download them easily, share the ones you have or ask for opinions. There is also lots of information about colour trends, creating a colour and so..