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GuideGuide – Free Photoshop Plugin For Working With Grids

Designing grid-based layouts in Photoshop is usually a headache as it takes time to calculate and position many vertical + horizontal guides. GuideGuide is a free Photoshop plugin which simplifies creating grids in Photoshop with only a few clicks. After defining a few variables (number of rows/columns, gutter ...


Instant Storyboarding For Photoshop: Mr. Stacks

Mr. Stacks is a Photoshop script for quickly and automatically creating storyboards, stacks, and PDF(s) to be used in client presentations, CD check-ins. etc. Just take any normal sized banner, define few options like the name, background color or "numbering to be printed over them" and your storyboard is ...


Modular Grid Pattern: Grids For Photoshop & Other Image Editing Apps

Modular Grid Pattern is a website which enables you to create customizable grids in several ways. The first one is a free Adobe Photoshop extension (CS5 compatible) provided which makes creating the grid directly inside the application possible. Also, there is an online generator where you can mention baseline, ...


Photoshop-Like Guides In Firefox – foxGuide

foxGuide is a firefox extension that can display both horizontal and vertical guides on web pages. The guides can be moved or removed just like the ones in Photoshop. Also, you can set the transparency and color of them for a perfect fit. The extension has a memory which remembers the guides created per website. ...


Filter Forge – A Photoshop Plugin For All Your Filter Needs

Filter Forge is a professional and paid Photoshop plugin that comes as a pack of filters to generate textures, create visual effects, enhance photos and process images. The better part is, it enables you to create your own filters with a visual node-based editor. So, there are unlimited possibilities. You can share ...

Free Photoshop Plug-ins Collection

99° Free Photoshop Plug-ins Collection

Photoshop plug-ins are the add-ons that power a Photoshop user. They make a complicated task much easier & help creating amazing effects, designing faster & better. There are lots of free Photoshop plug-ins which can fire your skills. This post aims to present  most of them (150+) in a comprehensive ...


Entire Page Screenshot Plugin For Firefox: Screengrab!

Every web designer pushes the "Print Screen" button few times a day to work on the screenshot or just to find the color codes of a specific area. When the whole webpage screenshot is needed "Print Screen" may not be enough. Screengrab! is a Firefox plugin which helps you to get the entire page ...


Photoshop Icon Plugin

Creating icons (.ico files) inside Photoshop is not supported by default. With this small yet easy to use plugin it is possible to import and export them with Photoshop. In addition to Adobe Photoshop, the plug-in can work with Elements, AfterEffects, Premiere, PhotoDeluxe, Corel PhotoPaint, PaintShop Pro, ...