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Compile Your *.less Files Into Valid CSS: SimpLESS

LESS is a great language for writing styles faster and getting more out of CSS with its dynamic nature (variables, mixins, operations and functions). Normally, .less files are live-converted to CSS via JavaScript by the browser (or server -like Node.js-). SimpLESS brings another option for designers willing to ...


Adobe Edge – A Design Tool For HTML5-Based Animations

Adobe's Flash is probably having the most difficult days since its launch considering the no-iOS support and the increasing popularity of HTML5 + web standards. A strong competitor to the Flash platform now comes right from Adobe with a tool named Edge that eases creating web-based interactive animations that ...


An Illustrator Plug-In For Converting AI Files To HTML5 Canvas

MIX Online, a Microsoft-powered website on web design and development, is sharing a free Adobe Illustrator plugin for converting .AI files into HTML5 canvas. AI->Canvas plug-in offers options for drawing, animation and coding, such as "events" so that you can build interactive, well-designed canvas-based ...


View Vector Files Quickly: PSD/AI/EPS Viewers

Photoshop, Illustrator and Freehand, besides being amazing applications, all have a bad feature; their initial load is pretty slow. And, when you only need to see what is inside a vector file to find the right one or you don't have these applications (but may need to open vector files), PSD, EPS and AI Viewer ...


Find Differences In 2 PSD Files: ComparePSD

Sometimes we work on a PSD file, duplicate it and work more on it when creating a new version. And one day, we need a layer or effect that only exists in only one of these files, search for it which can become complicated (what we're looking can be invisible as well). ComparePSD is a free Windows software that ...


Simple & Functional Screenshot Tool: LightShot

LightShot is a simple & free tool which makes taking screenshots very easy. With the click of a keyboard shortcut, a cropping interface appears where it is possible to: set the area of the screenshot make it fullscreen copy to clipboard upload to the net & get a link edit it on a web-based ...


A Layout Grid With JavaScript And CSS: #grid

#grid is a tiny tool, built with JavaScript & CSS, which inserts a layout grid into web pages & enables you to detect alignment issues in place. It is activated with a hotkey (Alt+g) & can toggle between displaying the grid in the foreground or background. By default, #grid comes with a 980-pixel-wide ...


The Ultimate Screenshot Tool: Screenpresso

Screenpresso is a simple-yet-powerful & free screenshot tool that improves your Ctrl+Print function. It can capture the entire screen, region or window with various options like "including the cursor", "automated resizing of them" or even "applying automated effects". The tool ...