Designing With Fonts: 30 Useful & Free Dingbats

Design With FontsDingbats, the ornamental characters in typesetting, can be very useful objects in design as they are similar to shape or icon sets which come as fonts.

They are highly compatible as they work in every image editor & can be resized or styled easily.

Also, with the @font-face property of CSS3, where it becomes possible to use any font in webpages, it is pretty sure that dingbats will find a new usage area for themselves.

Here are 30 quality, useful & free dingbats to improve your fonts library:

Pie Chart Font

Pie Chart Dingbats


Flame Dingbats

Dingbatz Formz DSG

Shape Dingbats

WC Rhesus A Bta

Scatter Dingbats

WC Rhesus B Bta

Ink Dingbats

Adhesive Nr. Seven

Banner Dingbats


Pictogram Dingbats


Animal Dingbats

Flowers (Hibiscus)

Flower Dingbats


Star Dingbats


Tribal Dingbats

Maven Pictograms

Pictogram Dingbat

Picto People

People Dingbats


Silhouette Dingbats

ButtonButton AOE

Button Dingbats

Barcode Font

Barcode Font


Recycle Dingbats


Human Face Dingbats


Travel Dingbats

Font Notice

Symbol Dingbats

Font Notice2

Transportation Dingbats

Font Notice3

Washing Dingbats

Ding Maps

Map Dingbats

Split Splat Splodge

Split Dingbats


Ossicle Dingbats

Symmetric Things (and many other dingbats)

Symmetric Dingbats

Roadgeek 2005

Arrow Dingbats

Guifx v2 Transports Font

Transport Dingbats

Africa Wildlife B Mammals2

Africa Animal Dingbats

Recreation Dingbats

Recreation Dingbats