Easy Image Optimization With Smush.it

Optimizing images is a "must" when serving them over the net for faster browsing experiences, lower bandwidth & diskspace usage.

Smush-it is a free online service for compressing your images by offering different techniques than Photoshop, Fireworks, etc. & creates non-quality-loss output.


It offers several ways for easier usage:

  • Web based uploader that supports unlimited file uploads & optimized images can be downloaded as a .zip file. Images can be uploaded from URLs too.
  • Firefox plugin & a bookmarklet for 1-click optimizing for the images exists on that webpage.
  • WordPress plugin for automated usage for the uploaded images.

Anyone, who wants to get more bytes out of their images, should take a look at Smush-it.

  • http://garmahis.com Michael Garmahis

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