eCommerce UX Insights and Theme Examples

While the premier WordPress themes will do an excellent job of creating pages that will attract customers to your store, there are a few things that need to be done to keep them there. These consist of features you will want to consider if you wish to make your eCommerce site a truly customer-friendly website.

Design a Great Online Shopping Experience for Your Customers

To create a great online shopping experience for your customers, remember to keep the following in mind:


  • Photos – It goes without saying that a product-oriented website requires plenty of photos, but it is the quality of the photos and what they illustrate that make the sales. First of all, you want your products to be seen at their best. In addition, it often pays to use photos that show your products from various, interesting, and informative perspectives. Be creative.

  • Related Products – In some cases the primary product image may be all you need to show, but when you can also show related products, such as different makes, models, colors, etc., or parts or accessories, you’ll provide your customer with information that is often useful. Showing related products tends to increase sales.
  • Navigation – If there is anything that is going to make customers leave your site in a hurry, and look elsewhere for what they want, it’s faulty or poor navigation. If your site’s navigation function works smoothly, your customers are much more apt to continue shopping, even if they find what they were looking for.
  • Site Search – A search box is one form of customer service that visitors to your site will appreciate, even when navigation is smooth and easy. Drop down menus are worth considering as well.

Take Advantage of a Top-Notch WP Themes – Implementing reliable navigation functions, adding drop down menus, and even showing related products will take some work, but a top-rated, premium WordPress theme, and especially one designed for eCommerce website design, can do much of the work for you, and help you build an attention-getting online store as well – and here are some of the very best.



Many premium WordPress themes have become more and more popular as an increasing number of website designers have become familiar with them. Atelier, a premium eCommerce WordPress theme has been a hit with web designers from the day it was launched. One of the reasons for this is the 80+ clean, elegant layouts provided, which appear to almost be guaranteed to draw in customers. These layouts have to be customized to suit your needs of course, although you may at first be reluctant to do so.

In any event, if creating a slick, attention-getting eCommerce experience is your goal Atelier is the solution. This theme offers a variety of shop style, product page styles, YSlow and Page Speed functionality to ensure your pages load at lightning speed, a variety of cart styles, store management features, and more. Your online store will not only attract customers, but they will be encouraged to stay for a while as well. It is also worth mentioning that this eCommerce WordPress theme was created with the user in mind. It is easy to work with.



Shopkeeper is a WordPress theme, whose flexible framework enables it to be used to create a website of virtually any genre, but it is a theme that was obviously designed with eCommerce and mind. This fully-responsive theme is easy and fun to use, it is powered by WooCommerce, and you can create websites that will sell anything. Its store management features enable you to arrange shipping, collect payments, manage your inventory, and much more, while sitting at your computer desk.

Shopkeeper features a nice selection of customizable, pre-built layouts, fully customizable headers, and a variety of grid and masonry product presentation styles. The package includes, two of the top selling and performing WordPress plugins, Revolution Slider and Visual Composer. Frequent updates insure peak performance and the inclusion of the latest technological innovations.

Enfold WordPress Theme


Enfold it ThemeForest’s top-rated best seller. While that fact alone is enough to make it worth considering, the real reason you are apt to enjoy working with this WordPress theme is its ease of use. Many who should know will tell you that its drag and drop page builder is the easiest to use of any currently on the market. Since coding is not required, and rocket science is not involved, Enfold is the ideal choice for a novice who wants to put an eCommerce shop together; making it possible to do so in a relatively short time. The more experienced website designer will experience a noticeable improvement in productivity upon switching over to WordPress theme. There are tons of useful features at your disposal, this theme is extremely flexible, and the support is outstanding.



Vanquish is a WooCommerce driven,  eCommerce WordPress theme. It is an ideal choice for anyone wanting to create an online shop, and it is also well suited if you have a corporate, business or portfolio website in mind. It features simple, complex, and flip product displays, 12 website layouts, and the ever-popular Visual Composer. A Built-In Mega Menu, Revolution Slider, Google Fonts, and the WooCommerce Wishlist are among the other notable features.


Kallyas Theme V 4.0


The authors of Kallyas set a goal to create a complete WordPress theme; a theme with everything you need to create a website that will give your customers an excellent eCommerce experience. They appear to have succeeded, as this eCommerce theme, which integrates perfectly with WooCommerce, is indeed one of the most complete WordPress themes ever. It is loaded with features, including a highly customizable page builder, unlimited homepage and header variations, and larger selection of sliders than you are apt to find on any other theme. Kallyas is WPML, SEO, and Translation ready, and it is fully Responsive as well.

Things You Definitely Should Take into Account

While your new store may be eye-catching, well stocked with marketable products, and easy to navigate, there are a few things to be considered, or you don’t want to leave out, before you go online.


Easy Checkout

Imagine you have a full shopping cart, there is only one checkout line open, and there is a line of people ahead of you who also have full shopping carts. The online equivalent is a checkout process that is slow and cumbersome, or prone to error. Make certain your store’s checkout process is streamlined, straightforward, and secure.

FAQ Pages

Brainstorm the most likely questions your customers are likely to have, and put together an easily accessible FAQ page. Your site visitors will appreciate this thoughtful form of customer service. See what other online stores have done if you’re in need of ideas.

Customer Reviews

When you are trying to make a decision to purchase or not to purchase an item, you may turn to the customer reviews to see what other shoppers have experienced. Reading reviews or adding to the list should be no more than a click away. Invite your customers to share their thoughts, and increase your sales in the process.

Fast Load Time

If your website pages are slow to load it is not always your fault, but in this era of realiable, high-speed Internet, they should not take more than a second or two to load at most. 3 seconds is about max if you want to avoid losing customers. Use Page Speed to test your website’s load times before going online.

Mobile Optimized

If you are working with a responsive WordPress theme, mobile optimization should not be an issue, but it will never hurt to check. You could be neglecting nearly half of your potential customer base if the mobile device shopping crowd experiences suboptimal performance while viewing your store’s layout and content.

Top-rated theme authors take great pains to make certain their products are as complete as possible. You should do the same in when designing your product-oriented website. Take the above tips and suggestions into account, select a premium theme that is guaranteed to get the job done, and your site visitors should enjoy a great eCommerce experience. Let us know how what we recommend has worked for you.