Export Google Analytics Data To Excel: Excellent Analytics

Google Analytics offers various ways to view the data & make comparisons, which is great. But if you need a totally unique view or want to make comparisons with another data source, you’re limited.

Excellent Analytics is an Excel plug-in for importing web analytics data from Google Analytics in to an Excel spreadsheet.

So, you can easily build queries with all dimensions and metrics available or apply filters to create advanced queries

Excellent Analytics

The plug-in is open source & for improving it further, it can be found here.

  • http://blog.maiis.ch Maïs

    I cannot make it works, select metrics and dimensions but nothing apprear…

  • http://cbower.blogspot.com/ Chris Bower

    It does not work… You install the addin and then when you import a valid combination e.g visitors and a dimention of say month and nothing is downloaded. This is in office 2007 anyway.

  • http://blog.websourcing.fr Lionel – Websourcing.fr

    Same issue, nothing appears !

  • http://www.webresourcesdepot.com Umut M.

    From the comments in the plug-in’s website, the cause of the problems can be:

    “trying to query a combination of metrics and dimension that is not valid. Read more about valid combinations at http://code.google.com/apis/analytics/docs/gdata/gdataReferenceDimensionsMetrics.html#validCombinations “.

    Hope it helps.

  • Vigneshwaran

    Need statistics form Amazon S3 object viewed statistics..Any API had it.

  • http://www.bi-notes.com Tricia Aanderud

    Love it! Thanks.