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Scout – Compass & Sass Made Easier

-1° Scout – Compass & Sass Made Easier

Scout is a free application (with Windows and Mac versions) that allows anyone to make use of Compass and Sass without the complexity of Ruby + command line. The applicationĀ runs Sass and Compass in a self-contained Ruby environment, has support for defining multiple projects and various settings to customize the ...


Font Testing Bench For Flex – Antialiaser

Antialiaser is a free application that eases OpenType and TrueType font visualization and customization for using them inside Flex and AIR projects. Using the application, it is possible to use any font, fine tune them and get the generated CSS. Its interface shows the system + embedded fonts, standard + zoom view ...


Free Themes For Adobe Flex & AIR – ScaleNine

ScaleNine is a website providing free themes for styling your Adobe AIR and Flex applications beautifully. The themes are created using graphical skinning techniques, CSS styling, programmatic skinning, or a combination of them. There are 80+ themes which are built by different designers and the website also lists ...


Free Analytics Tool For PayPal: AnalyzePal

AnalyzePal is a free Adobe-AIR application that provides an easy way to measure your PayPal sales, performance & customer tracking. It doesn't require any PayPal username-pass or API information as AnalyzePal works in an offline way with the transaction logs that can be downloaded from PayPal. The ...


Delicious Code Recipes: Adobe Cookbooks

Adobe used to have individual Cookbooks applications for Flex, AIR & Mobile that presented code snippets created by the community. Now, they have combined all, with new additions, under a single Adobe Cookbooks application. The website is a great place for finding ready-to-use code samples for Adobe products, ...


15 New Adobe AIR Applications For Designers & Developers

Adobe AIR has clearly became the standard on creating desktop applications for web developers. Besides the offline applications, it can combine the richness of web with the simplicity of desktop & offer very functional tools. At WRD, there were 2 other posts that had shared web designer/developer focused ...


16 Fresh Adobe AIR Applications For Designers & Developers

With the ease of development & multi-platform support, Adobe AIR is a getting-popular choice for creating desktop applications. There are many beautiful applications built with it including the ones that are functional for the designer & developer community. Months ago, a post published at WRD was sharing 27 ...


27 Adobe AIR Applications – Handy For Web Designers

Every designer & developer loves handy tools that simplify frequent tasks. And, even if you've a complicated software that does the same thing, usually it is much more effective to run a tiny, fast-loading application that does the job. This is a list of 27 functional Adobe AIR applications that can help a ...