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Open Source Trouble Ticket System: OTRS

OTRS is an open source trouble ticket system for easily managing support requests in a multi-agent interface. The application can auto-convert e-mails into tickets (e-mail piping) which "eliminates the need of using the web interface" for customers. OTRS is used by large organizations like Opera, MySQL ...


Free Help Desk System: HESK

HESK is a free help desk (also known as support ticket) system that is built with PHP/MySQL. Using the application, anyone can submit tickets from a web-based interface & follow their status easily. Also, the admins will be able to sort any requests by priority & answer them without leaving any ...


Open Source Support Ticket Software: RT

RT (Request Tracker) is an open source support ticket software that helps managing user-submitted tasks, issues easily. Users can submit tickets via e-mail (e-mail piping) or from a web-based interface. Tickets can have priorities & admins can assign them to each other if needed. And, it tracks critical ...


Free Support Ticket System: osTicket

Support ticket systems are very handy applications for managing the whole support process better. osTicket is an open source support ticket system, built with PHP & uses MySQL for storing data. It provides a web-based interface where users can create new support requests, view the status of them & reply ...


Open Source Live Support: Open Web Messenger

Open Web Messenger is an open source live support / chat application. It enables customers / visitors to chat with an operator & get support (where all the chats are logged). The application supports unlimited operators, visitors & chats. With a web-based admin interface, operators or admins can: Send ...


Customer Support With A Free Help Desk Software

Trellis Desk is a powerful, feature-rich & free help desk software which helps increasing the quality of support given to the customers. Customers can easily create an account, submit tickets via the web interface or e-mail and the support team can manage the support tickets in a very organized interface. This ...


Free Live Chat And Support Ticketing: Help Center Live

Live support systems are one of the most useful web based support tools which can also be used as a marketing tool too. When combined with a support ticket system it absolutely becomes a support suite just like Help Center Live which is totally a free ticket & live support software. Help Center Live features: ...