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Free Customer Support Tool By Freshdesk To 500+ Startups

For any web service/app, besides offering an exciting product, great support is very important as well to keep the customers satisfied. Freshdesk, a feature-rich and web-based help desk application, has recently launched a $10 million Future Fund for startups to provide annual access to their app for free. They have ...


EU Cookie Law: 4 jQuery Plugins To Not Break It

Many of us probably heard the EU Cookie Law already and thinking about "what to do" and many others should be saying: "cookie what?". What is it? It is a European Union e-Privacy Directive that will become active on 26th May 2012 and "requires website owners to take the permission ...


A “Field Guide To Web Apps” By Google

Bert Appward of Google Chrome Developer Relations team has just released an online "Field Guide to Web Applications". It aims to guide web developers to create great web apps and discusses topics like the properties of web apps, design fundamentals, tips for creating awesome experiences and some case ...


Byte-Saving Techniques For JavaScript

It seems like there is almost no limit in minimizing the weight of the web pages we are creating. For the JavaScript part, (a tweet-sized, fork-to-play, community-curated collection of JavaScript) is sharing a set of very useful tips for saving bytes. They are simply smart replacements for the functions, ...