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8 Tips For Designing Better Global Websites

English might be the mother tongue of the internet but the times, as Bob Dylan once noted, they are a-changin'. According to Internet World Stats, China alone had more than 384 million internet users as of December 2009 (more than the combined populations of the UK and USA), while web access continues to increase ...


AJAX Spell Checker Like Gmail: GoogieSpell

GoogieSpell is Gmail-like spell checker that you can use in your applications. It is AJAX based, supports over 27 languages and well-documented. This AJAX spell checker simply sends a query to Google's spell checking address:  "" and displays the results and ...


Google AJAX Translation API

Google AJAX Translation API is a library for translating words or sentences from one language to another using Google Translate database. Check this example: google.language.translate('Beaucoup', 'fr', 'en', function(result) {   alert(result.translation); }); This Google AJAX Translation API example simply ...