Fanurio Time Tracking & Billing Software Giveaway – Winners Announced

Last week, a post at WRD was announcing the giveaway of 5 Fanurio time tracking & billing software licenses ($59 value / license). The winners are selected & can be found at the bottom of the post. But before that, to remind:

What is Fanurio?

Fanurio is a beautiful software with an intuitive interface for easily tracking time that is spent on projects & billing them accordingly.


It is possible to define projects & sub-tasks. Then, the time worked on the projects can be tracked manually or with the help of a timer.

For teams, everyone can install Fanurio to their computers, track the time and export/import reports easily.

Create the invoices

From the moment you get a new contract until you are paid in full, Fanurio offers you the right tools to manage and bill all your work down to the penny.

It covers almost any billing feature you may need like rounding time "up, down or to the nearest specified interval" or applying discounts & more.

Analyze the performance

Fanurio helps analyzing the perfomance with the reports it generates:

  • payments: see all your open, un-paid invoices
  • timesheet: time recorded on a certain period, by project or client
  • project reports: howmuch money you made, howmuch money is unpaid, etc.

Also, reports can be exported to CSV or Excel for further analysis.

Fanurio works on Windows, Mac or Linux & doesn’t require purchasing new licenses when switching OSs.

And, the winners:

Here they are:

  • Matt (comment #75715)
  • Pritish Nandi (comment #75810)
  • christian (comment #77066)
  • GeeniUss (comment #75715)
  • paul rostorp (comment #76381)

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for joining this giveaway.