Five Quick Ways to Earn Trust from Customers with Your eCommerce CMS

We’ve been posting a lot about content management systems lately, like our post from the other day here. Trust plays an important role in any type of relationship, especially the one that you have with your customers and clients. Within a traditional brick-and-mortar store, face-to-face interactions and physical contact can assist greatly when it comes to earning that trust. However, within an online store, there are several ways to achieve the same goal simply by using your eCommerce CMS.
Provide a High Level of Security
One of the biggest concerns of the average online shopper is that of security and privacy. During 2012 alone, more than 80 percent of websites suffered from at least one major security vulnerability, according to SC Magazine, and statistics further showed that even IT websites were not invincible to security threats. Therefore, make sure that your website is secured and, more importantly, that your customers are aware of the security measures you have taken. Doing so will allow them to feel comfortable and even let their guard down as they build trust in your website.

Develop Quality Content to Reflect Authority
Regardless of what you are selling, your customers and clients want to know that you are an established expert and credible authority within your respective market. As mentioned earlier, trust within the world of eCommerce is a rare commodity and a cherished treasure which can easily slip right through your fingers without you even realizing that it was gone.
Use the blog section of your eCommerce CMS to develop high-quality content that proves your expertise and keeps your customers informed. Whether they decide to make a purchase from your site or not, your blog needs to be able to teach them valuable information that will compel them to keep coming back for more. This will make it easier to build a trusting relationship with your customers that will eventually lead to more sales and revenue.
Undersell and Over-Deliver
One of the most well-known principles within the world of business overall is the importance of underselling and over-delivery. While it is important for you to make sure that you set high goals and expectations, don’t set the bar so high that your customers will expect above and beyond products and services each time they make a purchase or even visit your website.
Use your eCommerce CMS to peak customer’s curiosity and stimulate their interest, but also have a few tricks up your sleeve that will allow you to exceed their expectations in order to gain their trust even earlier. Doing so will help them see that you truly do appreciate them as more than just dollar signs and sales figures, which will make it much easier for them to trust you.
Maintain a High Level of Transparency
Many of the consumers who are skeptical about using the Internet to shop for anything maintain that attitude due to a lack of interaction with people. They may feel as if they’d rather do business with a person at a traditional store since they know they’ll always be able to contact that person. This is an important step to consider when developing your eCommerce CMS and website in general, because you can apply this superior level of transparency to your online business.
Do not solely provide your customers with a “Contact Us” online form or email address to reach you. Make sure that they have all of the contact information that they would have with a traditional store, including phone number, physical address and hours of operation. Make sure that you are available to communicate with your customers when you say that you are, both online (i.e. website, social media profiles, etc.) as well as via phone and fax (if applicable).
Reward Them for Their Loyalty
Another great point to keep in mind is that your customers, like anyone else, want to feel appreciated. Whether they have been doing business for one week or one decade, search for effective ways to give back to them through incentives and promotional offers, such as online coupons, promotional codes and specials exclusively reserved for “VIP” customers, etc. Keep in mind that the average online consumers have the ability to shop wherever they want to with very little effort, so you need to periodically reward them for trusting in you to meet their needs and satisfy their desires.
Following these steps will go a long way in earning the trust of your customers and keeping it.