Flash-Like Animations With JavaScript – Mashi

Mashi is an open source JavaScript toolkit for creating timeline-based, Flash-like movies and complex animations using HTML, CSS + JS.

It is standalone, modular, object-oriented and lightweight. Additional plugins are only required for advanced usage.

In contrast to other animation tools,  Mashi uses a scene-based timeline. So you are not limited to a timeline divided into dozens of equal frames per second but you can split your timeline into self-contained and independent scenes at will.


The toolkit has an automated preloader which loads images used in advance for a better user experience.

Mashi has a "controls" module which provides buttons like "play" and "pause" with their logics and it works in all major browsers including mobile and tablet.

  • and nothing to work))))

  • Alexufo

    dont work

  • Kevin

    Worked for me – though, did anyone else experience speed issues? Seemed quite slow to load