Flash To HTML Converter Tool By Adobe: Wallaby

After Flash being blocked by iOS and the increasing popularity of HTML5-JavaScript with the new features offered, it was expected that Adobe will come up with something new to help Flash survive.

Here it is: Wallaby; it is a new tool/technology by Adobe for converting FLA files into HTML5.

Adobe Wallaby

Using this new tool, designers/developers will still be able to keep creating with Flash and their HTML-converted artwork will be compatible with any device including iOS.

Wallaby is still experimental, doesn't support 100% of Flash features but it seems to be a "very good news" for Flash fans.

  • Steve Jobs

    How bad is it when Flash doesn’t even want to be Flash?

  • http://www.themanagementskills.com Johny Symons

    That’s wonderful.? when it will come out?

  • grubbs

    Brave act Adobe!

  • http://www.webresourcesdepot.com Umut M.


    It is already available.

  • http://ebaydiscount.tk/ diskonebay

    wow, steve jobs come to here too :)

  • http://everythingfla.com/ Ben Fhala/Everything Flash

    I love it and if you do flash you should get friendly with it
    i’ve actually made a video on it a great getting started with it. its so easy that you can just do it but check out the vid and the extra useful links


    thanks for the post!

  • jake

    every FLA i try to convert comes up with an error message;