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First of all, thanks for following WRD & contributing to it with your comments, suggestions & support.

Its been 13 months since WRD is online & it already grew so much. There are:

  • 680+ resources published
  • 10,000+ feed subscribers
  • 500,000+ pageviews per month

I’m very happy to see that WRD works well for anyone interested in design-development & it is a place to discover new stuff.

You can now follow /WRD (me) at Twitter & simply get more resources.

WebResourcesDepot at Twitter

What will I be tweeting about?

  • Extra resources that are not published at WebResourcesDepot (mostly).
  • I’m working with a small team to build few exciting projects. We use jQuery a lot & picky with UIs. Maybe tricks on these (sometimes).
  • I moved from Washington DC to Istanbul. This city is very exciting & I can tweet about it too (maybe).

To keep it short, you can click here to follow me at Twitter : ).