Free JavaScript Codes for Dynamic Animations

Web animation was always a possibility even dating back to the 1990s. But back then very few people had Internet access, and the technologies were so new it was difficult to create meaningful effects. Nowadays there are significantly more resources for animated web effects – yet there’s still an even balance between meaningful and silly animations.

This gallery focuses on 20+ interesting animated effects that you can recreate using JavaScript.

Happy Snowman

happy animated moving snowman css

Pulsing Form

green glowing input form animated


adstage loading animation spotlights

Rain Animation

css javascript falling rain

Radar Icon

html5 canvas radar icon css

Flying Bird

flying bird css open source

Loading Text

type loader blue animated effect

That’s No Moon!

no moon animated motion ball 3d

CSS Loading

pink loading animation circle effect

Text Scramble

text scramble flipping animated effect

Responsive Slider

animated responsive slider open source

Rotating Square

rotating bubbles square shapes blue

Abstract Visualization

html5 canvas visualization animated effect

Walking Character

canvas animated walking man character


cherry blossom animation effect sakura trees

White Spiral

animated spiral effect graphic motion

Chat UI Concept

css3 animated chat ui speech bubbles

Flip Counter

css3 rolodex flip counter open source

Trembling Text

trembling text animated effect shaking

Cracked Earth

cracked earth effect icon css

Factory Machine

css3 javascript animated factory conveyor belt

Green Stopwatch

animated clock stopwatch open source