Free Site Uptime Monitoring:

Downtimes seem to be the nature of the hosting & internet business. But there is a limit for it which you must measure whether your website’s uptime is below or above that. is a free site uptime monitoring service which warns you when your website is down and provides statistics of your uptime & downtime.

Site Uptime Monitoring

It monitors your website from different locations 24*7 and can send alerts via e-mail, RSS or SMS (paid).

Besides these, it has internal monitoring features like keeping an eye on computer/server memory, CPU, etc. with an installable agent. And, has visitor tracking capabilities too. also provides an API for developers who want to embed their applications with the service.

  • I think their site went down 🙂

  • ChrisS

    All joking aside, it does seem to be a flaky itself at the moment!
    Looks good though, probably not ready to scale up yet.

  • Umut M.

    @Paul & ChrisS

    🙂 This is a bit ironic.

    On the other hand, I’ve been using the service for a while and they are good and getting better (not perfect yet).

    I can reach them now.

  • Kevin

    I can’t reach them:

    They are stuck in a redirect loop … and its all your fault by posting they link here 😉

  • Will B.

    Yeah…kinda crazy that a site monitoring site is down. How wacky! But this sounds like a good potential option for new small businesses. (Hopefully the “system” is separate from their own website.)

    – Will B.

  • Andrew

    I can’t reach them either. Kind of ironic.

  • Umut M.

    May be we need another monitoring site to watch them too :). Normally I think they are ok.

    But, you set the service and generally never go back to their website (if not checking the statistics) as you get the notification e-mails. So, I hope they are ok 🙂

  • Umut M.

    Seems back to normal now.

  • Kristina

    Thank for the good post

    Because of huge load web part can be down, but at the same time the main part of it – that is notification mechanism is functioning and sending alerts and recoveries.

    So that means even if web part of application is experiencing some problems the user will not be affected by that.

    Moreover there is no loss of any data during that period so when everything is up, users can see all the results without any interruptions.

    We’re always working to improve the performance and decrease downtime as much as possible for web part.
    Sorry for inconvenience

  • Umut M.


    I’ve been a user since you launched and I think you’re doing a very good job and getting better everyday.

    And, thanks for the info.