Free Survey Application: AskPeople

AskPeople is a free PHP survey application that is simple but functional.

It supports most of the entry options with checkboxes, radio buttons, textboxes, textareas &  dropdowns. Using AskPeople, a complicated survey can be created in minutes.

Free PHP Survey

AskPeople has a template system where a new design can be implemented for the surveys to match the look of your website.

Some features of this free PHP survey application:

  • Secure, multi-user admin interface.
  • Unlimited, completely flexible templates.
  • Built in file manager.
  • Multipage surveys using pagebreaks between groups of questions.
  • Make any question ‘required’ to ensure respondents complete it.
  • Optional cookie-based protection against repeated submission of forms.
  • Plain-text questionnaire export.
  • Raw data editor.
  • One-click project backup.

This is a handy application for creating & managing a job application form or making a market research & more.