Where To Get Your Summer Stock Photos

Companies need photos for advertising, as well as giving a client’s project a visual aspect, and the need is growing. Using stock photography is a faster and less expensive way to get the photographs that you need compared to hiring a photographer. Below are my personal picks for the best microstock companies for the summer of 2014. Hopefully this list will find your next stock photo supplier.


iStock is by far the most popular place to go for stock photos. But iStock is much more than just a stop for your photo needs. Their database also includes videos, sound effects, music and even vector images. And all of their files are guaranteed to be legal for you to use in your business needs.

Currently, iStock is running a summer special on their products. New clients get a 20% discount on photos, videos, vector images and even audio files with a minimum of 30 credits. To take advantage of the discount type in SUMMER20 at the code prompt during checkout for the savings.


Alamy has a massive collection of photos on file! Over 18 million photos are in stock for you to pick from. With that many choices you can no doubt find the photo you are looking for.

The big drawback to Alamy is the main page. The layout is not exactly user friendly. To find photos you have to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “for buyers” heading. For previous users this isn’t a problem, but for new customers finding their way off of the main page can be frustrating.


Next up on the list is Stockfresh. The main page at Stockfresh is refreshingly simple and easy to use. Finding the product that you need is a joy to search for. As an added bonus, Stockfresh consistently checks all of their stock to insure a good quality product. This makes it easier to find the perfect vector image, graphic or photo for your needs.

Even though you are not required to sign up to download the royalty free files, you will be missing out on some really great deals if you don’t. By joining a subscription plan, you will have access to more products. You can also acquire credits and enjoy discounts up to 50%! And you can join their affiliate program to make a little extra cash. If you advertise for Stockfresh on your website of blog, then you can receive a 10% commission on any sales generated from your advertisement.


Fifteen years ago, PhotoSpin began offering subscriptions to their online database of products. They led the industry by being the first company to do so. Their subscription plans allow up to 50 downloads a day and 1000 downloads a month, making it an ideal situation for high volume customers.

PhotoSpin also has an excellent affiliate plan for you to make some money. After setting up an account, you have the option of adding banners and links to your blog or website. The company pays 15% commission, making it one of the top paying photostock places in the industry. Checking them would be worth your time.


The people at Photofolio understand what freelancers face when trying to sell their work. They seem to relate to someone who submits work only to be paid a small amount, or not get the proper recognition that getting that photo shot just right deserves.

Along with stockfresh, Photofolio pays a fair amount for the photos that they sell. Contributors get at least 60% of the profits, making this a great deal if you are in the mood to sell some of your hard work. And the purchaser is assured that the artist is fairly paid, making this a win-win situation.

Media Bakery

One company that certainly needs to be on this list is Media Bakery. Having been around for over 10 years, the company has over 10 million files on tap. The choices run the gambit from photos to vector images, with plenty of videos and music along the way.

Media Bakery has a selection of 2 million photos in the Microstock image Collection. These photos are priced from $1 to $49 to fit just about anyone’s price range. The search filters at Media Bakery are impressive, and your query can be as wide or narrow as you need to find the group of photos you are looking for.


Consider Snapwire as an alternative approach to finding your next photo. Instead of following the approach of having you search through pages of images to find the perfect photo they have a different idea. As the customer, you simply enter in information for the type of photo that they need. Then you can sit back while a pool of photographers creates the photos just for you! Personal service without having to hire a photographer or having one on staff is an amazing way to stock your photos.


Shutterstock is like the world traveler of the stock imagers. This New York based company has over 105 different locations around the world, and is spread out over 20 languages. With such a global presence, Shutterstock should be able to supply you with that special photo from the corners of the globe.

Corbis Images

Last on the list this summer is Corbis Images. The Corbis catalog has a large library of royalty free images. Not only is there plenty of photos to choose from, but the selection is packed full of beautiful photos for the user to choose from. Corbis Images will not disappoint you.


Mostphotos is a virtual winter wonderland for the serious professional needing photos. With over 7 million photos in stock there is plenty of artwork to choose from. The work is top-notch, leaving one to wonder how stock photography can look so good. And with 50 thousand photographers adding new stock to the mix daily, there is always a new batch of work to choose from. Give Mostphotos a try and you will surely not be disappointed.

So there are my picks for this summer’s stock photo suppliers. There are many other companies that were not listed here. Feel free to add any others that are your favorites.