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26° Gantt Charts With PHP – Gantti

Gantti is an open source PHP class for generating Gantt charts on-the-fly. The charts created are pure HTML5-CSS3 with no JavaScript involved. The output looks very nice by default but can be customized with ease (with SASS stylesheet). It simply works by defining an array of start/end dates and calling a single ...


Interactive & Re-Usable Charts With D3.js: NVD3.js

NVD3.js is an open source charting library that is built on top of the impressive D3.js. The library follows the practices an style of "how D3.js was built" which makes it comfortable for D3.js fans. Charts generated are interactive and can be easily improved or customized. Although it is in the early ...


A Very Attractive Loader With jQuery: Percentage Loader

Today's internet speed and how fast the websites/apps work have almost removed "the need to wait for something to load". On the contrary, there are still cases that a web user has to wait and it is always a good idea to visualize the process with an attractive loader. Percentage Loader is a jQuery ...


Visualize Time Series With Cubism.js

Cubism.js is a plugin for D3.js, a JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG, to display time series in real-time. It requests the data incrementally by polling only the most recent values and reduces the load on the server. Charts are rendered incrementally as well by shifting charts one pixel each time to ...


Envision.js – A Library For Interactive HTML5 Visualizations

Envision.js is a JavaScript library to simplify creating fast and interactive HTML5 visualizations. It comes with 2 chart types; TimeSeries + Finance and with an API for developers to build custom charts. The library is built on top of Flotr2 and the HTML5 Canvas. It is framework agnostic and depends on few micro ...