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JavaScript Wiring Library: WireIt (Like Yahoo Pipes)

Most of us are familiar with the beautiful interface of Yahoo Pipes, how objects are wired to each other. There is an open source JavaScript library, which enables you to create a such visuality, named WireIt. The library is very suitable for creating dataflow applications (like a family tree) or visual ...


Free ASP.NET Diagrams: EasyDiagram.NET

EasyDiagram.NET is an open source ASP.NET diagram control. Using AJAX, EasyDiagram.NET is very fast yet simple enough even for the beginners. Some features of this free ASP.NET diagram control: Drag'n drop support Direct-draw and orthogonal modes Easy node adding Customizable ...


Stacked Bar Graphs With CSS

Stacked bar graphs are very helpful when presenting a comparison of data. This is a stacked bar graph built with CSS (& based on Pure CSS Data Chart). It uses "definition lists" in the HTML for presenting the data & "unordered lists" for the labels on axes. Source files can be ...


Open Source Flash Gauges

Open Flash Gauges is a set of open source Flash files, supported with serverside connectors (ASP & PHP), to display any numeric data as gauges. Gauges in the set are: Percentage Thermometer Dual Resource Meter Meter Status I/O Digital readout Demos can be found here. ...


Free Flash Charts From FusionCharts

FusionCharts Free is a charting component for creating good looking, data-driven & free animated flash charts. It can be used with PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, ColdFusion, simple HTML pages or even PowerPoint Presentations. The component is the free version of FusionCharts & missing some ...


GoogChart: PHP Class For Google Charts API

Creating charts via Google Charts API is already simple. GoogChart is a PHP class which makes it easier & more flexible. Here is an example: After creating an array ($data in the example), this simple code is enough for generating a pie chart. <?php $chart = new googChart(); $chart->setChartAttrs( ...


Open Source JavaScript Graphs: Bluff

Bluff is an open source JavaScript graphing solution that uses canvas tags. It is a JavaScript port to the Gruff graphing library for Ruby. Bluff has only 2 dependencies: JS.Class (2kb), which is a class for making JavaScript act like Ruby (which is definitely handy). Google’s ExCanvas, for ...


Flash Data Visualization Library: Flare

Flare is an ActionScript library for visualizing data like creating charts, graphs and complex interactive graphics. The library supports data management, visual encoding, animation, and interaction techniques. It provides a modular design which enables you to create customized techniques easier. Flare has a ...


Prototype And Canvas Charts: ProtoChart

ProtoChart is an open source canvas chart library built with Prototype. This library is highly inspired from Flot, Flotr and PlotKit & it enables us to create different chart types on the fly. Features of this chart library: Line, bar, pie, curve, mix, and area charts available Multiple data series ...