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JavaScript-Powered Multi-User Chat: Candy

Candy is an open source chat client, built with JavaScript, that works real-time by connecting to any Jabber server (you can host your own). The application has support for multiple chat rooms, private chats with multiple users and blocking users (the moderator can even kick and ban users). Its interface is ...


Holla – An Open Source Group Chat Application

Holla is an open source group chat application where you can create channels, invite friends to those channels, chat and share files. It has a totally Ajaxed interface on every level (messaging, uploading files, etc.). A nice feature is that the file uploads can be done via drag'n drops and every user in the ...


Awesome Open Source Disposable Chat Application: Anologue

Similar to the popular disposible chat websites (check 7 Free Disposable Chat Systems For Instant Communication), Anologue is an impressive one which is open source. It works by simply clicking on a "new room" link and the application instantly creates a chat room with a unique URL where you can invite ...


Open Source Chat System With Ruby And JSON: JsChat

JsChat is an open source chat script that is built with Ruby (Sinatra), uses a simple protocol based on JSON and comes as a server/client application. It is similar to IRC but simpler and has very useful features like: IRC-like commands: /names, /name new_name (/nick works too), /clear, /lastlog auto-linking: ...


Open Source Video Conferencing: BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton is an open source video conferencing application which is specifically built for remote learning but can be used for standard meetings as well. The application enables multiple users to login & share their webcam or communicate via VOIP at the same time. It is a very ideal application for ...


Open Source Ajaxed IM Client: iJab

iJab is an open source, web-based & Ajaxed instant messenger application that uses the XMPP/Jabber protocol. It is written in JavaScript, uses Google Gears for clientside storage & supports MSN, AIM or any other XMPP-based services (you can easily create a closed chat group for your community). iJab has ...


IntraMessenger: Instant Messenger For Communities

IntraMessenger is a free application for that enables communication between communities, groups, companies or simply closed groups. It consists of a client (for Windows) & a PHP-MySQL-based open source server to manage the whole communication. The messenger is autonomous, but authentication (login + password) is ...