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7 Free Disposable Chat Systems For Instant Communication

There are various ways that most users prefer while communicating via internet. IMs (MSN Messenger, Skype..), social networks (Facebook, Twitter..) & others. However, there are some situations where all the audience may not have the necessary tools to communicate at the same platforms like a user not having ...


Facebook-Style Chat Application: CometChat (2 Licenses Giveaway)

CometChat, a Facebook-style chat script -which enables website users to chat with each other easily- is giving away 2 licenses ($49/each) to WebResourcesDepot readers. Details on "how to join" can be found at the end of the post. What is CometChat? It is a PHP / MySQL script for creating a chat ...


Add Chat (Text And Webcam) To Your Website With toksta*

toksta* is a free instant messenger with text & webcam based chat support. It is a hosted application that can be integrated to your website & user database. With this feature, your users won't have to re-login to the messenger.  toksta* also provides plug-ins for phpBB2, phpBB3, punBB, phpMyForum and ...


A New Approach To Chat: firefly

firefly is a totally different chat system which can power your websites. By adding a line of JavaScript, your visitors can chat with each other in an overlayed screen. Users can: See other users mouse movements, Choose avatars, See the chat history, Howmany people are already in the page. ...


PHP – Ajax Chat Application: Mia Chat

Mia Chat is an Ajaxed PHP chat application which is very simple to use & install. It functions similar to the messenger applications, you can add buddies, chat with several users at the same time, change your online status & more. This PHP chat supports many databases for storing data like MySQL, MSSQL, ...


Free Ajax Guestbook Application: JibberBook

JibberBook is an open source Ajaxed guestbook application built with PHP5. It stores the data in a XML file (optional MySQL support) and provides an easy to use interface. For security, JibberBook uses: HTML Purifier (see WRD post) for filtering inputs against XSS attacks. Akismet for spam protection ...


PHP Shoutbox Script: wTag

wTag is a shoutbox script (mini chat) written in PHP which uses Ajax to refresh the chat. It uses MySQL to store the data, has a CSS-based smiley dropdown which can be enabled/disabled and a bad words & spam filter. Other features of this PHP shoutbox script are: Replace URLs catched in a message with ...


Voice Enabled Powerful Web Chat Software: Ajax Chat

AJAX Chat is a powerful, open source, fully customizable web chat software built with JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. AJAX Chat supports voice chat that is powered by Flash & Ruby (sound support is optional). This free AJAX chat software integrates easily with PHP community softwares like phpBB, MyBB, PunBB, SMF, ...


Add An Ajax Instant Messenger To Your Web Projects

ajax im is an ajax chat script that creates a real-time chat environment with a browser based interface. It can be added to any intranet, website or a social-community project to help users chat with each other. Chat interface does not reload as everything is updated in real-time via JavaScript. ajax im is also a ...