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MyWebSql – Open Source & Ajaxed MySQL Manager

MyWebSql is a web-based and open source MySQL client that is built with PHP. It has an Ajaxed interface and besides the rows of tables, it can control views, stored procedures, triggers and functions. Data can be exported and imported easily (query results can be exported as well). MyWebSql comes with a syntax ...


jStorage – HTML5 Local Storage For Prototype, MooTools And jQuery

jStorage is a simple wrapper plugin for Prototype, MooTools and jQuery to store data on browser side. It is lightweight (2kb) and uses HTML5 local storage if available or userData behavior in older versions of IE (Webkit SQLite is not supported). The plugin works the same in Prototype, MooTools, jQuery and it is ...


chive: A Promising MySQL Manager

chive is an open source & web-based MySQL management application that is built with PHP. It can achieve the most common tasks like creating, editing & executing: databases tables indices, keys, triggers, views, routines privileges management import/export The application has a built-in editor ...


Web-Based Multiple MySQL Manager – AeroSQL

AeroSQL is an open source web application, for managing MySQL databases. It can control databases from different servers in a single, desktop-like interface where records can be easily browsed or edited within a grid. The application displays every query executed & can run a batch of sql queries to save you ...


25+ Alternative & Open Source Database Engines

Almost every web developer has a favorite database that he/she feels comfortable working with as all the tricks & gimmicks are already experienced. It can be one of the popular databases below: MySQL PostgreSQL MSSQL SQLite MS Access or even simpler ones like XML, text, etc. It is understandable ...


Open Source MySQL Backup Application: Sypex Dumper

Sypex Dumper is an open source web application for creating instant or automated backups of MySQL databases. It is built with PHP, has an Ajaxed interface & can restore databases as well. The application can work with gb-level huge databases as it easily bypasses the timeout limits of PHP by pausing/starting ...


Instant Custom Data Editor: DHX Quick Tables

DHX Quick Tables is a 1 file PHP script that enables anyone to create a customized backend for MySQL databases with 2 screens: for guests: just view the tables for administrator: view, edit, add/delete pages The script comes with a web-based installer that guides you to define the database connection ...


Practical PHP Database Wrapper: Crystal

Crystal is a database toolkit for PHP which aims to help developers build & scale reusable, database-dependent, framework-agnostic applications. It has 3 independent components: Database wrapper - for CRUD operations Validation module - provides a comprehensive data validation Database manipulation module ...