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minjs – A Set Of Lightweight Components

minjs is a collection of independent components, built on jQuery, that aims to accomplish a specific job with lightweight code. Currently, there are 3 components: minform, longtable and dtcal. minform brings cross-browser compatibility to HTML5 form enhancements (for attributes: placeholder, required and ...


Visualize Time Series With Cubism.js

Cubism.js is a plugin for D3.js, a JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG, to display time series in real-time. It requests the data incrementally by polling only the most recent values and reduces the load on the server. Charts are rendered incrementally as well by shifting charts one pixel each time to ...


How To Use Strftime To Format Date & Time?

strftime, the popular function for formatting date-time (with PHP, Ruby, Python and C) has many parameters which are usually hard to remember. There are several web-based references that ease the usage of strftime by enabling us to view the details of each parameter and test them instantly. Here they are: ...


Timeline – A JS Tool For Storytelling Timelines

Timeline is a JavaScript-powered tool for creating interactive storytelling timelines where a timeline works in parallel with a content slider. Users can choose to browse the contents either by clicking the items in the timeline or by navigating through the content slider where both stays synchronized all the time. ...


More Date Functions For JavaScript – XDate

Few days ago, String.js (a library for enhancing JavaScript's string functions) was shared. XDate is another library similar to String.js but for parsing, formatting and manipulating dates. The library is standalone, only 2.9kb gzipped, has chaining support and brings very handy methods like: getting date ...


Calculate The Timespan Between 2 Dates: Countdown.js

Countdown.js is a JavaScript library for calculating and displaying the timespan between two dates. The library calculates the value continuously considering "the time goes on" and keeps generating an accurate output. It can provide the timespan in many formats like milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, ...


-4° JavaScript Date Handling Made Easy: Moment.js

Moments.js is a feature-rich JavaScript library for working with dates (parsing, manipulating, and formatting them). It works both in the browser and server with NodeJS as all code is compatible with both of the environments. The library can easily convert any given date to many different formats, add/subtract ...


Timeglider – Impressive jQuery Plugin For Data-Driven Timelines

Timeglider is a jQuery plugin for displaying any number of events in a highly-flexible timeline. Its interface has support for zooming in/out (mouse wheel can be used too) and panning where you can quickly navigate through the time and find events. Events are clickable and can display a detailed view of them inside ...


Powerful jQuery Event Calendar: wdCalendar

wdCalendar is a jQuery plugin that enables us to create an event calendar that functions similar to the popular Google Calendar. With a drag'n drop interface and feature-rich API, it is possible to create, update or delete events easily. It has custom views for day, week or month where you can easily go to a ...