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jQuery Time Tracker With localStorage: jTrack

jTrack is a time tracking application that is built with jQuery and works without SQL, sessions or cookies. It rather uses the localStorage with the help of DOMCached and jquery-json plugins. The application enables you to add any number of tasks and starts tracking the time for each when a "start" button ...


Advanced JS Date-Time Picker – Any+Time

Any+Time is a feature-rich jQuery plugin (has a PrototypeJS version too) for creating simple-to-advanced date and time pickers. It can work as a pop-up or an always present picker, can be set as a time or date only picker and supports: 12/24 hour clock any custom date format date/time range limits custom ...


CalendarPicker – Lightweight jQuery Date Picker

CalendarPicker is a jQuery plugin that enables us to create a good-looking and pretty original date picker. It displays a pre-defined amount of the next and previous days/months/years for a quick selection. Also, users can browse through the dates with mouse-wheel (uses the mouse wheel plugin) or the prev/next ...


Easy-To-Use JavaScript Date Picker: jsDatePick

jsDatePick is a very easy-to-implement JavaScript date picker. It can appear by clicking an input field or directly appended into the target element and can be browsed quickly as months or years. The picker can be set to display a range of years or limited to today's date. And, a selected date can be passed ...


Ajaxed PHP Calendar For Displaying Availability

Ajax Availability Calendar is an open source PHP application for displaying the availability of an item (hotel room, appointment, etc.). It comes with an Ajaxed administration panel (multiple admin users are supported) to manage the calendar. The application is multilingual & unlimited number of items can be ...


MooTools Calendar & Datepicker: Calender Eightysix

Calender Eightysix is an unobtrusive calendar & datepicker that is built with MooTools. It offers a very easy-to-use navigation for jumping back / forth between months, years & decades without drop-down boxes. The script is lightweight (9.5kb) & can be themed via CSS (3 themes are already included). ...


14° jQuery Event Calendar Plugin: jMonthCalendar

jMonthCalendar is a jQuery plugin for creating an event calendar which displays the calendar as a month-view. Once the plugin is initialized & events array is mentioned, the calendar is ready. But jMonthCalendar offers extension points which makes it possible to interact with it like adding events, changing the ...


Ajaxed Events Calendar Script: dhtmlxScheduler

dhtmlxScheduler is a free & Ajaxed event calendar script providing a scheduling solution similar to Microsoft Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar. It is possible to create new events with a double-click & created events can be drag'n dropped, resized (for updating the times), updated or deleted with ease, ...


Drag’n Drop Calendar With jQuery: FullCalendar

FullCalendar is a jQuery plugin for creating a full-sized calendar with drag'n drop support that can fetch events via Ajax requests on-the-fly. It can be easily configured to use your own feed format (an extension is provided for Google Calendar). The plugin does not come bundled with features like "changing ...