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jQuery Transit – CSS3 Transitions & Transforms With jQuery

CSS transitions and transforms provide a wide range possibilities for animating and morphing HTML elements. If you would like to use them inside jQuery, jQuery Transit reaches to the rescue. It is a plugin for implementing CSS transitions and transforms, has the same syntax as .animate, supports most of the methods ...


A Tiny-Yet-Powerful JavaScript Animation Framework – jsMorph

For any web project, if it is only the animations we need, wouldn't it be nice to use a lightweight framework rather than a complete and big-sized one? jsMorph is a standalone JavaScript animation framework which can manipulate stylings of multiple HTML elements. The framework automatically detects start ...


Filter-Rich JS Image Effects Library – glfx.js

glfx.js is a JavaScript library for applying effects to images using WebGL. The library has a wide set of built-in-filters including brightness/contrast, curves, sepia, hue/saturation, noise, lens blur, tilt shift, hexagonal pixelate and much more. glfx.js has 3 parts: texture: a raw source of image data ...


Paper.js – Vector Graphics Scripting Framework

Paper.js is an open source and "JavaScript + HTML5 canvas-powered" vector graphics scripting framework. Besides being a wrapper for the "canvas", it has much more to offer like working with nested layers, groups, paths, compound paths, rasters, symbols, etc. These items are handled and drawn ...


Flash-Like Animations With JavaScript – Mashi

Mashi is an open source JavaScript toolkit for creating timeline-based, Flash-like movies and complex animations using HTML, CSS + JS. It is standalone, modular, object-oriented and lightweight. Additional plugins are only required for advanced usage. In contrast to other animation tools,  Mashi uses a ...


Add A Retro-Look To Images – vintageJS

Although images are usually expected to be static elements, customizing them on the client-side (via JavaScript) can be very handy considering the ability to applying effects and changing them anytime while still keeping the original files. vintageJS is a jQuery plugin that uses the HTML5 <canvas> element for ...


jQuery.Easie.js: CSS3-Like Easing With JS

jQuery.Easie.js is a plugin for the popular JavaScript framework for creating CSS3-like easing animations. With the help of a web-based drag 'n' drop interface, it enables you to create the easing curve and generates the related jQuery + CSS3 code automatically. This way, you can use the CSS easing code ...


Free JavaScript Image Manipulation Library: CamanJS

CamanJS is a JavaScript image manipulation library that makes use of HTML5 <canvas> tag. With a simple-to-use interface, advanced filters including saturation, contrast, gamma, brightness or exposure can be applied. It has a layer system -similar to the ones in Photoshop or GIMP- that creates so many ...


Flip HTML Content In 3D With rotate3Di

rotate3Di is a jQuery plugin that makes it possible to perform an isometric 3D flip or 3D rotation of any HTML content. The plugin uses CSS3 transforms and also helps creating any custom 3D effects. There are various options offered like the position of the element in degrees, duration/direction of the animation and ...