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Ajaxed PHP File Manager – PGRFileManager

PGRFileManager is an open source PHP file manager application with a totally Ajaxed interface. It makes adding, moving, renaming and deleting single or multiple files and/or folders possible. Also they can be moved with drag 'n' drops. The application can create thumbnails of images and rotate them with a ...


Clients-Oriented FTP Interface – cFTP

For anyone working with multiple clients, the sharing of files (screenshot of a design, documents, etc.) can be difficult, specially if they are large in size. cFTP is an open source and multi-user PHP application that  enables you to create a repository to send/receive files with multiple clients. Each ...


Open Source Web File Manager: KCFinder

KCFinder is an open source and web-based file manager, built with PHP, that is inspired from the popular CKFinder. It has a completely Ajaxed interface and can be integrated easily with other applications like FCKeditor, CKEditor, and TinyMCE WYSIWYG web editors (or anything custom). The file manager has a context ...


Stunning Web-Based File Manager: Mollify

Mollify is an open source web-based file manager, built with PHP & GWT, that can control files hosted in a web server or hosting account. It has a simple, intuitive & Ajaxed interface that also supports multiple languages. The application is multi-user (users & user-groups) where a ...


Client-Side File Generation: Downloadify

Downloadify is a lightweight JavaScript + Flash library for generating files on the browser & saving them without any server requests. It uses Flash 10's ability to generate files on the client-side & trigger a save to the user’s computer. It is very ideal for using on small-sized ...


Customizable Upload Interfaces: Uploadify

Uploadify is a jQuery plugin for implementing single + multiple file uploads easier & better. It requires Flash (which completes the upload) & a server-side file in any language (. PHP one is included) which processes the uploaded file. The plugin offers various options to control & customize the ...


Stylish MooTools File Manager

FileManager is a MooTools-based file manager that allows you to control your files-folders with style. It runs in a modal box & with an Ajaxed interface, helps: browsing files/folders quickly rename, delete, move (with drag'n drop), copy (drag + hold CTRL) and download files view detailed reviews of ...