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Open Source Media Framework From Adobe

Open Source Media Framework (OSMF), that is developed by Adobe, is a software framework for building feature-rich Flash video players and applications. It can be integrated into custom applications using the simple API, or you can deploy the ready-to-run dynamic SWF player without compiling or writing custom scripts. ...


Lightweight Flash Video Player – f4Player

f4Player is a free and open source Flash video player that can play .fly, .f4v or .mp4 files in websites or within AS3 projects. It is lightweight (8kb) and has a skinnable interface (few skins are included with the download). The player supports progressive downloads (ability to play the downloaded portion of a ...


Brilliant 3D Flash Image Slider: Piecemaker

Piecemaker is a free and open source Flash image slider that displays images with 3D slice effects. It can be completely configured from a XML file like setting the tween type, distance, time, delay, etc. and doesn't require working with the .FLA source file. The slider shows images almost instantly due to the ...


Open Source Document Viewer For Websites: FlexPaper

FlexPaper is an open source document viewer component for displaying PDF files inside websites or Flash applications. The component does not exactly display PDF files but the PDF-to-SWF converted files in a Acrobat Reader-like interface. Usage is pretty simple, just inserting the SWF file + customizing the options ...


Data And Content Visualization: Simile Widgets

Simile Widgets is a set of open source web widgets for visualizing data & content. They are actually a spin-off from the Simile Project & improved over time by a community of open-source developers. Currently, it includes 4 widgets: Timeline Timeline is for creating an interactive display of events ...


SlickBoard: Creating Attractive Flash Interfaces With Only XML

SlickBoard is a pretty different tool, built by the developers of XML/SWF Charts, for creating: unlimited graphics attractive interface elements (buttons, menus, tabs, drawers, etc.), animated slideshows live dashboards (dials, gauges, ticker tapes, etc.) interactive presentations (drag, dock, etc.) ...


Grimace: Display Emotions Through Facial Expressions

Grimace is a free Flash-based component for displaying emotions through facial expressions. It is developed in pure AS3, delivered as a lightweight SWF file & supports 6 emotions: joy, surprise, fear, disgust, sadness, anger (and their combinations). The component can be integrated into any project using ...


JuiceKit: A SDK For Creating Information Experience Applications

JuiceKit is an open source software development kit (SDK), which integrates with Adobe Flex, for building "information experience" applications. The SDK includes components for controls, visualizations & utility classes that are easy to implement & aesthetically pleasing. To better define the ...


JPEGCam: Capture Images From A Webcam & Submit To Any Server

JPEGCam is an open source Flash + JavaScript library that enables you to insert a custom-sized Flash movie in a webpage that captures Webcam snapshots. After capturing the snapshots, it can submit them to any server in JPEG format (download package includes sample PHP 5 code). The webcam is activated with the ...