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A Generator For Creating Pure CSS3 On/Off Flipswitches, a mobile prototyping service, has created a handy generator for quickly creating on/off flipswitches. The switches are built with pure CSS3 and it is possible to customize the look completely. It also comes with pre-defined styles for iOS4, iOS5 and Android as well. P.S. In order to add functionality to ...


A Scaleable Color Picker – colorjoe

Usually in web apps, when we want to collect color values from users, color pickers help a lot. And, there are various high-quality color pickers out there. colorjoe is a new one which differentiates itself by being completely scaleable which is great for responsive layouts. It doesn't use any images, can ...

READ MORE + – Bind HTML With JavaScript Objects In Real-Time is a lightweight jQuery plugin which binds HTML with JS objects (in real-time). The plugin is form-centric and it is used to validate simple-to-complex forms while making sure every rule and data is in sync. catches a moment when a watched control (input) is updated. Once it happens, it ...


Drop-downs (List-Menus) With Images – ddSlick

Improving (manipulating) standard HTML elements with JavaScript for a better usability makes sense when used wisely. ddSlick, a lightweight jQuery plugin, does that by mimicking the behavior of list-menus with a better look and more information. It works as a drop-down menu where we can use images and description ...


Ajaxify Standard Forms Instantly – ALAJAX

Today, using JavaScript frameworks, it is so easy to accomplish complex stuff with few lines of code, including Ajax. For forms, if you want to make it much easier, ALAJAX is there for you. It is a jQuery plugin that automagically converts standard forms into Ajaxed ones, no coding required. Once inserted and the ...


minjs – A Set Of Lightweight Components

minjs is a collection of independent components, built on jQuery, that aims to accomplish a specific job with lightweight code. Currently, there are 3 components: minform, longtable and dtcal. minform brings cross-browser compatibility to HTML5 form enhancements (for attributes: placeholder, required and ...