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Free HTML Form Builder: pForm

pForm is a web-based & free HTML form builder application for creating good looking forms easily. It offers various color schemes to get started & enables you to design your form with an Ajaxed interface. Any type of form objects (text fields, checkboxes, dropdowns, file upload fields, etc.) can be added ...


Inline Form Validation With jQuery

Position Absolute is sharing an easy to use form validation engine built with jQuery. It offers a flexible way of displaying errors that will possibly match any type of form design. When the script detects an error, it creates a div, positions it at the right-top corner of the input & displays it like a tooltip ...


Powerful & Flexible Ajax Uploader: FancyUpload

FancyUpload, the popular Ajaxed file uploader, now has new version with more features. To remember, FancyUpload is an unobtrusive file-input replacement with multiple-file selection & queued upload with an animated progress bar. It uses MooTools, works with the help of Swiff (a MooTools class) & as a SWF ...


Facebook-Like Inputs With jQuery Or MooTools

It is possible to create stylish textboxes with auto-complete feature, just like Facebook has, using plugins for jQuery & MooTools. For jQuery: Autobox is a jQuery plugin that makes creating textboxes with auto-complete support easier. Values expected can be mentioned staticly or called dynamically via Ajax ...


Customizable jQuery Virtual Keypad Plugin

jQuery Keypad is a plugin for creating more secure input entry by providing a keyboard like interface. The values to be displayed can be easily set which makes it possible to show only numbers, foreign letters, etc. The keypad can be displayed with various animations like "fade in" or "slide ...


jQuery File Upload Plugin

This is a jQuery plugin for creating a file-upload functionality quickly & easily. It inserts a Flash browse button (that can be customized) in to the webpage where users can select a single file or multiple files and view the upload progress. The plugin comes with a PHP file for uploading the files. But that ...


MachForm: Self-Hosted HTML Form Builder / 3 Licenses Giveaway

MachForm, an easy to use & quality HTML form builder application, is giving away 3 licenses to WebResourcesDepot readers ($39/license). You can find the details on winning the licenses at the bottom of the post. What is MachForm? It is a browser-based, installable HTML form builder that comes with full ...


Free Form Validation Library: JSValidate

JSValidate is a free library for validating forms that requires Prototype & to run. Some rules it supports are: Required field Only numbers Only letters E-mail Credit card number format US zip code, phone number & state code formats It works by simply ...