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Pixelate Images With JavaScript – SeuratJS

SeuratJS is a plugin for the powerful Raphaël that enables us to create vivid animations and pixelated artwork. It extracts the color information from any given image and rebuilds it in SVG with the modifications applied. The plugin works cross-browser and can be customized with various settings (like ...


3 Solutions For Serving High-Res Images To Retina-Display Devices

With the regularly increasing number of retina-screen devices browsing web pages each day, we may want to display images with better quality to such devices. Here are 3 easy-to-use solutions for serving high resolution images to retina-display devices: Retina Images Retina Images is a JavaScript/PHP solution ...


Clipping JPEGs Freely With JavaScript: polyClip.js

When we need to clip an irregular shape from an image and use it on the web, PNG is the most common answer as it is the only image format used by all web browsers that support alpha channels. However, PNG images come with a penalty of size (if the source is a photograph) compared to similar sized JPEGs. polyClip.js ...


phpThumb – A Full-Featured PHP Library For Creating Thumbnails

Working with images and resizing or cropping them can sometimes be challenging as there is always a math going on behind: the ratios, resizing with the width or height, x-y values for cropping, etc. phpThumb is a PHP library that handles all the hard work on creating thumbnails with only few lines of code. It ...


View Images Bigger Than The Viewport Easily: PanoJS3

Sometimes, we need to display images that are bigger than the viewport or we have a limited space. PanoJS3 is a JavaScript widget that stitches together a set of tiled images and presents it with panning + zooming support. It is a very useful widget specially for displaying panoramic images, maps or huge documents. ...


Pixel-By-Pixel Image Comparison With IM.js

IM.js is a JavaScript library that can find the differences between images very quickly. It scans the given images pixel-by-pixel using HTML5 canvas and outputs their similarity ratios. The developer has created IM.js for auto-testing the similarity of URL snapshots taken from different browsers which is a great ...


Kraken – Fast & Online Image Optimizer

Minimizing the size of images is an important part of the process for creating faster loading web pages. We usually play with various variables while saving images to make sure they are optimized like the colors used, file type or quality but there can still be some bytes hidden. Kraken, a free to use web ...


Objects In Transparent Images Made Clickable:

Using transparent images in websites make so much sense in many cases as they fit perfectly to any background. However, there is sometimes a big empty space around images which can create confusion when clicking on them as users may not easily realize that the clicked part of the website is actually an image. ...