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Responsive Videos Made Easy – FitVids.JS

Few days ago, FitText, a jQuery plugin that auto-arranges the size of fonts according to the size of the element wrapping them -so they don't break-, was shared at WRD. And now, it is FitVids.JS, again a jQuery plugin and a similar solution but, this time, for videos. It automates the Intrinsic Ratio Method by ...


Cross-Browser HTML5 Audio-Video: html5media

HTML5 audio and video is really great and very easy-to-use, however, they are not supported in older browsers and there isn't a consistency between modern browsers when it comes to file types. html5media is a JavaScript library that enables every browser to play the media defined inside the HTML5 media tags. For ...


In-Page & Instant Media Player – Yahoo! WebPlayer

Yahoo! WebPlayer is a fresh web-based media player from Yahoo! which can be integrated into any web page with just inserting a line of JS code. It has support for many media formats including MP3, WMA, YouTube, Yahoo! Video, etc. and works automatically by scanning the related links/files in a web page and inserting ...


Comparison Of HTML5 Video Players: VideoSWS

With the wider use of HTML5 video and the increasing number of ready-to-use players around, it is hard to choose "which player to use". VideoSWS is a collection and comparison of HTML5 video players which helps finding the best and/or the most suitable player for your project. It lists all the well-known ...


Cuepoint.js – Insert Cue-Points & Subtitles To HTML5 Video

Cuepoint.js is a jQuery plugin for handling subtitles and creating cue-points in HTML5 video. It simply works by creating "an array of subtitles with the seconds" that they will be displayed. And, a setTime event that can be attached to any element helps skipping the media to the second mentioned. P.S. ...


A JavaScript HTML5 Audio Library – Buzz

Buzz is a powerful JavaScript library for using HTML5 audio element very easily. It is a standalone library and has a very feature-rich API that can manage every feature the audio element offers. Besides controlling the main actions like play, pause, stop or volume controls, the advanced features like looping or ...


Open Source Music Identification System: Echoprint

We have all seen applications that enable us to find the song name or the artist by simply playing a small part of that song. Echoprint is an open source resource that makes this possible and easy-to-integrate into any website/application. It is a music identification system which listens to music signals, ...


Videola – Open Source Video Management And Delivery Platform

Today, videos are a significantly large part of the internet content. Not only websites like Youtube or Vimeo but services like Netflix or Hulu and much more support this rise. Videola, an open source video management and delivery platform built on Drupal, can easily help creating a video-based website with users and ...


Pure JavaScript MP3 Decoder – jsmad

jsmad is a JavaScript-powered MP3 decoder which allows browsers to play MP3 files without Flash . The project is actually the port of the popular libmad audio decoder and a great effort of translating 15,000 lines of C code. It has support for ID3 (with most of the tags) and works out-of-the-box in Firefox, ...