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11° Control Webcams With JavaScript (jQuery)

jQuery Webcam is a plugin which creates a transparent layer for communicating with a camera directly in JavaScript. It takes advantage of a SWF file (comes with the source) and can display the webcam output + capture images. The plugin is capable of displaying the list of cameras available and selecting any of ...


Skinnable HTML5 Video Player – FryPlayer

FryPlayer (Google-translated English version) is an open source and easy to use HTML5 video player. The player is actually a jQuery plugin and has very nice features like the ability to skin, buffering, full screen mode and keyboard shortcuts. It is also possible to set the width-height and initial volume of the ...


Free Video Converters For Web-Ready Videos

There are various video sharing services, like Youtube or Vimeo, in the web that can host and serve the files for us which is great. However, there are cases that these services may not be a good fit like "unbranded videos", "custom sizes", a custom player, etc. This is when we usually need to ...


HTML5 Video Player: MediaElement.js

HTML5 video is great as it doesn't require any 3rd party plugins and works in most mobile browsers. However, it is not supported in every browser.. yet. Also, browsers supporting the <video> - <audio> tags require different codecs and have inconsistent player UIs. MediaElement.js is a jQuery plugin ...


MooTools HTML5 Video Player: Moovie

Moovie is a free MooTools custom controls library for the HTML5 video element. It includes all the features of a player: play, pause, stop, a volume control which mimics the Youtube's control and progress bar. On initial load and when the video is paused, the player displays a "big play button" and a ...


jQuery HTML5 Audio-Video Kit: jMediaelement

jMediaelement is a jQuery HTML audio-video development kit with can fallback to Flash and VLC for incompatible browsers. It makes creating a media element so easy by just calling a function and also controlling it on every level (play-pause-mute, getting the duration, etc.). The player is totally CSS ...


HTML5 Video Player With Flash Fallback: FlareVideo

FlareVideo is an open source and free HTML5 video player that falls back to Flash for incompatible browsers. The player can be customized easily using CSS-HTML and JS with its theming support (and already ships with 3 themes: default, spotify and Vimeo). It is built on jQuery + jQuery UI and supports: ...


JavaScript-Based HTML5 Video Player: Video JS

Video JS is a JavaScript-based HTML5 video player that falls back to Flowplayer for unsupported browsers . The player supports H.264, Theora OGG and the new Google-powered WebM formats. It is lightweight, doesn't use any images and can be totally skinned with CSS. Also, it does not depend on any JavaScript ...


Fully Skinnable & Configurable Web Player: JW Player For HTML5

The popular web player JW Player now has a HTML5 version after its well-known Flash and Silverlight ones. JW Player For HTML5 is a totally skinnable and configurable player based on the <video> tag of HTML5. It is built with jQuery, and for any browser without HTML5 support, falls back to the JW Player for ...