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Sprite Navigation Generator: Nav-o-Matic

We know that using CSS sprites has a very positive effect on website speed by decreasing the amount of HTTP requests. Nav-o-Matic is a free online service which makes generating navigation sprites easier. It simply asks you to upload the image of the navigation which has 2 rows (for normal and hover states, like ...


Beautiful Stack Menus With jStackMenu

jStackMenu is a jQuery UI widget which transforms the children of any element into a beautiful stack menu. The menu opens with a smooth animation and it is possible to control: when it opens and closes the direction it opens the size of the arc the time it takes to open In order customize it more, it ...


Flexible Context Menus: Jeegocontext

Jeegoocontext is a jQuery plugin for creating highly customizable context menus. It transforms unordered lists into multi-level, smartly positioned navigations. Multiple context menus can be created on the same page & they can be customized via CSS. It has customizable time-delays for ...


Attractive Sitemaps With SlickMap CSS

SlickMap CSS is a stylesheet for transforming HTML unordered lists into attractive sitemaps. The stylesheet can easily fit into most of the websites as it supports up to 3-level navigations. It also provides a functional visual output by displaying the URLs besides the titles. For a demo of SlickMap CSS, click here. ...


Advanced Multilevel Dropdown Menus: ProtoFish

ProtoFish is an advanced dropdown menu script which supports multilevel navigations & built with Prototype. The script is lightweight (1.3kb minimized), unobtrusive & cross-browser. The hover class used & delay effect of the menus can be customized with ease. It is accessible via keyboard using ...


Feature-Rich JavaScript Tree Component: jsTree

jsTree is a cross-browser, free & flexible JavaScript tree component with various features. It can create the tree from the following data sources: predefined HTML JSON XML Different types of nodes (open, close, rename, create, delete) can be created & supports various callbacks (onchange, ...


Create Slick Navigations Easily: jQuery Menu

jQuery Menu is a solid menu system that helps creating dropdown, iPod drilldown and flyout styled navigations easily. It is the updated & much improved version of the iPod-like menu mentioned here (WRD post). The menu system uses a hierarchical unordered list for creating the menus & sub-menus. It is ...


Multi-Level Accordion Script: TinyAccordion

Leigeber is presenting a standalone accordion script that has multi-level support. The script is lightweight (1.4kb) & it is an updated version of an accordion script by the same author (see WRD post). The accordion is called with a single line JavaScript function & if wanted, the levels can be toggled ...


10° Smarter Breadcrumbs: jBreadCrumb

jBreadCrumb is a jQuery plugin for displaying breadcrumb navigations in a more flexible & smarter way. As the length of a breadcrumb menu may be very long & the common method used for this problem is limiting th eamount of menus used, jBreadCrumb follows another route. It creates a collapsible interface ...