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Mobello – JavaScript UI Framework (With An IDE) For Mobile Apps

Mobello is an open source JavaScript UI framework that simplifies developing mobile web apps. The framework aims to provide a native-like experience in mobile, it is optimized for touch events and has 20+ widely-used UI components. It also has an IDE, named Mobello Studio, that focuses on building mobile apps with ...


Tiny JS Library For Mobile Projects – QUOjs

When developing any mobile projects, it is so important to keep the size of each asset as small as possible for offering a good experience to end users. QUOjs is a JavaScript library that is focused on mobile web projects, has a small footprint (13kb minified) and includes all the essentials. There are functions ...


Open Source Mobile Analytics App – Countly

When it comes to tracking websites, there are open source analytics apps like Piwik, OWA or ChiliStats. But, for mobile, it is hard to find a good one. Countly is a modern, real-time and open source mobile analytics application which can collect data from mobile phones and visualize that info for analyzing mobile app ...


Moobile – Mobile App Framework For MooTools

Moobile is an exciting and fresh project; a mobile web application framework built on MooTools. Currently, it is focused on providing a iOS-like experience on WebKit browsers and comes with many controls like bar, button, image, list, activity indicator, slider and more. It also has support for transitions like ...


Touch Gestures With JavaScript – Hammer.js

Hammer.js is a JavaScript library for adding touch gestures support to any website so that users can interact with them easier on touch devices. It requires jQuery, only 2kb sized and supports tap, double tap, hold, drag and transform. The library is implemented pretty easily: just bind Hammer.js to a ...


A Free App For Creating Mobile Apps: ViniSketch Designer

ViniSketch Designer is a free application -for Mac OSX- for designing and creating mobile applications using native and web technologies. It comes with feature-rich visual editors for designing the GUI + dataflow and code editors for keeping the development under control. The engine of the app has support for ...


Quickly Build Mobile Web Mockups – Mobjectify

Building mobile web apps already became pretty easy with user-friendly and high quality frameworks Mobjectify is a free web application which makes it so much simpler by offering an awesome web-based mockup builder. The application enables us to create pages and add various web elements (like forms, buttons, content ...


Standalone Content Slider For Mobile – Swipe JS

Swipe JS is a lightweight (3.7kb minified) mobile slider with 1:1 touch movement (sliding content based on exact touch position). It can display any HTML content and offers a native-like experience with features like: resistant bounds (increased resistance to slide when there are no items to display next or ...