Collection of HAML Tutorials for Frontend Developers

One luxury of modern web development is the access to many resources which simplify the process. HAML stands for HTML Abstraction Markup Language and is a great example of such a resource. It seems like a completely new language but the syntax is relatable to classic HTML.

These tutorials should help you get started with coding HAML for any web project. The code behaves very much like SASS for CSS so at first it will be a little confusing – but if you really want to learn just stick with it! After some time you’ll grow accustomed to the process and it’ll become like second nature.

HAML Intro

haml intro tutorial guide official website

Advanced Preprocessors

learn about html preprocessors howto haml

Why Use HAML?

article why use haml sass code

HAML + Rails

haml alternative to rhtml code

Introduction to HAML

ruby programming intro to haml

Code Safari: Getting Started in HAML

sitepoint tutorial getting started haml

Downsides of HAML

downside why i dont like haml

HAML Navbar

open source bootstrap haml navbar code

HAML Screencast

intro guide haml video screencast

HAML for HTML Layouts

intro haml for newbies part 1

Autocompile HAML into HTML

how to compile haml html without ruby

Setup HAML with Rails

getting haml to work with ruby on rails

Haml and Sinatra

introduction to using haml sinatra

Free HAML Code Snippets

free open source haml code snippets gallery