John Resig is sharing very functional script named Easy Retweet Button that will simplify "the sharing of your content on Twitter".

It is an unobtrusive JavaScript file for displaying a retweet link with a shortened URL via (similar to Tweetmeme) & number of clicks came to that content from Twitter.

Easy Retweet Button

Easy Retweet Button has 2 ready-to-go styles: vertical & horizontal. And it can be easily themed as only HTML, CSS & JavaScript is used.

It is possible to customize the "Retweet" text, prefix of the tweets (like RT @..) & username / API key to be used.

It offers various advantages like:

  • speed: it works completely asynchronously
  • tracking: all the tracking is done via & clicks from retweets can be tracked from a single interface

Steps For Using It With WordPress:

This is nothing complicated but can save your time:

  • Create a "js" folder in your active theme & upload Retweet.js into this folder
  • Include the Retweet.js to your theme. There are 2 options:
    • You may want to use retweet links only inside your post details (single.php) page. So, it is a better decision to include Retweet.js only into single.php to prevent unnecessary loading. In your template’s folder>header.php>between your head tags:
      if ( is_single()) {
          <script src="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory'); ?>/js/retweet.js"></script>
    • If you will use it site-wide (your homepage, post details, etc..) simple include the JS file to your template’s folder>header.php>between your head tags:
      <script src="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory'); ?>/js/retweet.js"></script>
  • For using it inside post details (single.php), insert the code below to any part of your template’s single.php file:
    <a class="retweet" href="<?php echo get_permalink(); ?>" rel="nofollow"><?php the_title(); ?></a> . Besides the original examples of Easy Retweet Button, rel=nofollow info is added considering the link has no value to search engines.
  • And, you may want to get a free account from & update the username & API key info inside Retweet.js to reach your stats from a single interface.

P.S. A demo of the script can be found below the title of every post at WebResourcesDepot.

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