HelpOnClick: Live Support Chat Application – 10 Lifetime Accounts Giveaway (+Much More)

HelpOnClick LogoFor any website who is selling products/services and would like to provide a quick support to their visitors, live support chat systems are very useful as they are simple-to-use, return questions into sales better, analyzed easily and can be used by distributed support teams.

HelpOnClick, a feature-rich live support chat service, is giving away "10 Lifetime Basic Accounts ($19/month) with free Desktop Application ($59)" to WRD readers and also offers:

  • free plan upgrade (from Basic to Pro or from Pro to Deluxe) + free desktop application (normally $59) once you purchase the service by visiting their website from the links in this post.
  • partners (resellers or affiliates) who sign-up by visiting their website from the links in this post will get 40% lifetime commissions instead of 30%.

What is HelpOnClick?


It is a web-based and real-time live support chat service where visitors can instantly start chatting with you or leave a message when you are offline.

The application provides real-time traffic data, notifies you when a visitor is browsing your web pages and even enables you to start the conversation by "pushing a chat invitation" before the visitor asks for it (which can be a good method if you think the visitor is trying to decide between the products).

It is possible to chat with multiple visitors at the same time, thanks to features like "canned responses" and "seeing what the visitor types before the message is sent",  you can respond much faster.

If there are multiple support operators, the application can assign the chat requests randomly and also, chats can be transferred between operators (like forwarding an expert question to a senior).

HelpOnClick Stats

HelpOnClick has an advanced reports and statistics feature where you can analyze your support departments easily (number of support requests/day, operator statistics, etc.). And, you can search inside or display the past conversations anytime.

The interface of this chat support system can be customized with theming support and the ability to change every text + icons.

For the installation, all this functionality starts working by a one time copy-pasting of an HTML code.

How to join the giveaway?

In order to win one of the "10 Lifetime Basic Accounts", just comment to this post and winners will be selected randomly with the query below on 09 May 2011 (one week later).

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Good luck to all.

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