HTML5 Ebook Framework For Publishing On iPads – Baker

Delivering content in any media as quickly and easily as possible is a good decision to reach more readers.

iPad, with the popularity it has and being -also- considered as an ebook reader, is definitely one of them.

Baker is an open source HTML5 framework to publish ebooks for iPads with minimal effort.

Baker Framework

In order to use the framework, HTML5 pages should be created with a fixed width of 768px.

For a temporary period, files should be named as 1.html, 2.html.. however, developers are working on the HPub format which will be more flexible.

There is a ready-to-use Xcode project provided where you can include the book, a custom icon and submit the final product to the App Store.

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  1. Reply Florian April 26, 2011 at 10:12 AM

    For my diploma thesis, I built a digital magazine with HTML5, CSS and the OpenSource Framework Baker for iOS.
    I just wanted to share my experiences of building digital publications with HTML5, so I released all of my files, fully commented and wrote an extensive “How-to-use”-Guide. If you have time, feel free to have look around! 😉

    If you have any suggestions or comments, please don’t hesitate to email me.


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