ImpressPages: Content Management Finally Made Easy

While developers may love diving under the hood, those are usually marketing people who end up using content management systems and paying money for web design agencies. And so great content management systems must be built with the actual content managers in mind first. One of such systems is ImpressPages.

Any customer with at least some content management experience is firstly interested in usability and intuitiveness. They want publishing content to be as simple as writing an email. This was realized by the founders of ImpressPages who were previously working at a web design agency. This way features such as drag&drop interface and inline editing were born.


Inline editing

Inline editing at ImpressPages CMS is a possibility to edit the actual page the way one sees it instead of working with dialog boxes or content fields somewhere under the hood. Just open any page of your website in the administration mode, click anywhere and edit text, colours or pictures on the go. Forget the actual pages and the administration mode being two different realms. At ImpressPages CMS, content managers get to edit the actual website as if it was posting things on Facebook. This, obviously, is highly intuitive.


Drag&drop interface

Drag&drop interface supplements inline editing with widgets – pictures, videos, galleries, polls, various forms and the like. Content managers can choose any new item they need and simply drag&drop it to a spot they desire. Editing these items or changing their location is also done by dragging and dropping. This makes managing websites very natural and requires no knowledge of HTML, let alone other hardcode stuff. Drag&drop may also unleash one’s creativity as content managers are free to decide about where they want to see most of the items in their website.


Smart copy paste

ImpressPages CMS also features smart copy&paste. However weird it may seem, copied content being distorted when pasted into a CMS is among the top time and patience wasters for the content managers. ImpressPages CMS solves this issue with copied content styles automatically adapting to the style of the page you are pasting it to.



ImpressPages has dozens of beautiful themes, i.e. web design templates, to choose from. They perfectly suit both business and personal websites or blogs. While web designers and content managers benefit from a wide variety quality of themes at ImpressPages CMS Marketplace, developers and designers can create their own themes and sell them for ImpressPages‘ vibrant community.


ImpressPages future

ImpressPages CMS has been out for a couple of years already, yet there’s a greatest release so far coming out in March – the ImpressPages CMS 4.0. Its core has been redesigned to work faster and to allow easier third-party plugin development, while content managers will love the significantly enhanced usability.

The next release of ImpressPages CMS will bring even wider possibilities for autonomy, mastery and creativity so content managers and web designers will be able to create websites that create both visual and business value, or simply fun. Yet the current release of ImpressPages CMS already has thousands of beautiful websites built on it and thousands of happy content managers. So feel free to give it a good try!