Infragistics jQuery Controls – Impressive & Professional jQuery Toolset

There are lots of jQuery plugins around that handle specific tasks and, for JavaScript-heavy apps, we may end up in using many of them.

Working with such many different resources at the same project is sometimes hard and can be time consuming as they all have their way of coding, different APIs, styling support…

Infragistics jQuery Controls

Infragistics, a creative company focused on building user interface development tools, has a professional and complete jQuery Toolset that solves many JavaScript-related tasks beautifully.

The toolset is HTML5-powered and works cross-browser/platform with support for mobile + all of them are optimized for high performance.


What is inside?


Infragistics Charts

First of all, it has a full-featured charting library with support for 15+ chart types (pie, bar, line, area, bubble, radial) where they can be used side-by-side too.

Charts are interactive, they can respond to events like hover or click and can be zoomed to better see a specific range.


Infragistics Grid

The Infragistics jQuery Grid is definitely one of the most flexible grids around.

It has all the features expected like pagination, sorting, filtering or search. But, there is more like the ability to rearranging columns by drag 'n' dropping or even hiding them, displaying lengthy data inside tooltips and hierarchical views (grids inside grids). Simply, it is pretty powerful.


A complete HTML(5) editor with formatting capabilities, inserting/managing tables/images/links/lists, source view and clipboard support (cut, copy, paste).

HTML5 Video Player

Infragistics Video

The player uses the HTML5 video tag to play streaming video in major formats including WebM, Ogg Theora and H.264.

Videos can be viewed in full-screen mode, a detailed control bar exists for managing the video and any part of the videos can be bookmarked for sharing a specific second of the content.

The others

Are these all? Definitely not. There are also: 

  • slick tree control with unlimited sub-levels (nodes are searchable)
  • date picker
  • mapping control (for easily integrating maps and interacting with them)
  • specific data type editors (masked inputs, spin-buttoned number entry, currency handlings, etc.)
  • star ratings
  • listbox (with filtering)
  • modal boxes
  • templating engine

And, thee is a handy DataSource component which is the core behind data operations and manipulation. It allows us to feed any component with formats like oData, WCF, RESTful Domain Data Sources, JSON, XML (with and without namespaces), local arrays or pre-existing static HTML tables.



Infragistics jQuery Controls certainly bring a lot to the table. Not only they are high-quality but also consistent which means each item inside works with similar principles (which is a real time saver).

They can be themed with ThemeRoller. Theme once and all of them are changed (again a real time saver).

Also, there is quick, professional support which is again good to ensure that you'll get a working product.