Instant User Feedbacks With Traffic Light Feedback (3 Annual Accounts Giveaway)

Traffic Light Feedback, an instant feedback service, is giving away 3 annual accounts ( £180 GBP/account) to WebResourcesDepot readers.

Details on "how to winning the licenses" can be found at the bottom of the post, but before that:

What is Traffic Light Feedback?

Learning what your users are thinking on a subject (a new feature you're planning to add, how the support was, etc.) is so important to better shape products, services or plans.

However, nobody is interested in filling forms that requires time & focus.

And, this is where Traffic Light Feedback comes in. It offers a very simple way of getting feedback from users: asking a question & having 3 clickable responses (green, yellow and red) where users don't have to fill anything.

Traffic Light Feedback

You can create an unlimited number of templates (that carry your logo) to be sent anytime you want.

Every feedback gathered can be viewed from your dashboard & it is possible to set different e-mails to be notified for every traffic light clicked (which is great for taking proactive measures "for ex: customer support contacting the user if the feedback is red).

Adding customer lists to Traffic Light Feedback is very simple with the "import from spreadsheet" feature. And every e-mail sent has an "unsubscribe" link attached for allowing your customers to unsubscribe themselves.

The service also has a SOAP API for seamless integrations with 3rd party softwares.

How to win the licenses?

Commenting to this post is enough to join the giveaway & winners will be selected randomly via the query below on 8 March 2010 (1 week later).

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Good luck to all : ).