JavaScript Tools for Gathering Website Feedback

Have you ever wanted to get feedback from visitors on your website? Basically gauging user’s opinions related to the interface, design style, font choices, and other similar areas. Most CMS engines and website builders support a contact page, but this doesn’t provide the same result.

Thankfully there are plenty of free open source JavaScript codes for gathering user feedback. These may appear as toggle boxes at the bottom of the screen, or possibly as a modal popup window. The whole point is to catch people’s attention quickly and let them know you(the webmaster) are looking for their opinion. These free JS scripts and plugins should help you get started on the right path.


user voice webapp startup connect audience


get satisfaction app startup user feedback

Feedback Me

jquery feedback me plugin open source contact


contactable github jquery php slideout form

Google-Style Feedback

google feedback jquery plugin open source


simple jquery feedback box sliding jquery expanding plugin


kampyle customer service webapp feedback

Website Chat

website live support chat system service

Opinion Lab

opinion lab startup website feedback design


feedback feedbackify startup modal window contact

Concept Feedback

concept feedback webapp startup company users


user echo feedback webapp design startup website

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