jQuery Event Calendar Plugin: jMonthCalendar

jMonthCalendar is a jQuery plugin for creating an event calendar which displays the calendar as a month-view.

Once the plugin is initialized & events array is mentioned, the calendar is ready. But jMonthCalendar offers extension points which makes it possible to interact with it like adding events, changing the month & more.

jQuery Event Calendar Plugin

The calendar supports multi-day events & drag’n drops for updating event dates easily.

It can be browsed by months & years with the prev-next links. And, the plugin uses the beautiful DateJS library for date functions

  • Cal

    Here is a calendar plugin that looks like Google Calendar.


  • http://www.web-delicious.com steven

    Why not take a look of wdCalendar. It supports month/week/day view, absolutely a clone of google calendar

  • http://www.sigmawidgets.com Chris

    Hi Steven, I love wdCalendar. Thank you